Record Labels in Madison

Crustacean Records

The label was founded by current majority owner Chris Langkamp. The debut release was Fetus by Crab Shack, the band Chris Langkamp played bass with, and was cassette only. The second release, issued on Compact Disc, was the first Crustacean Records compilation, featuring Helena Handbasket, Gethsemane, Crab Shack, Front of Trucker, Mas Optica and Wet Dog. The label grew in the mid and late 1990s with notable mainstays of the label being Mad Trucker Gone Mad, Big Big Furnace Brainerd, and System & Station.

Uvulittle Records

Uvulittle Records was started by Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick in 1996 as a means to release a live album featuring various artists that played at their coffeehouse. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, they had run the coffeehouse for a little over a year and felt that a live CD would be a boost for the business.