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AUG 21

POSTPONED: Houndmouth

While your event has been...
August 21st 8:00pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map)

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Joywave - The Possession Tour
September 9th 8:00pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map) \nJoywave has spent much of the past decade holding an aural mirror to society, concocting a distinctively modern approach towards pop music that is both organic and synthetic, much like our own day-to-day lives. The Rochester, NY-based band is now wrapping up work on their hugely anticipated third album, POSSESSION, due via Cultco Music/Hollywood Records in early 2020. Produced at Joywave’s own studio in Rochester by founder Daniel Armbruster, arranged by Armbruster and his fellow band members Joseph Morinelli, Paul Brenner, and Benjamin Bailey, and then mixed by Dan Grech-Marguerat (The Killers, Liam Gallagher, Lana Del Rey), advance tracks from the LP offer a clear display of the band’s evolution from the basement to the big stage, to their current role of full-fledged pop provocateurs, fearlessly assimilating genres, motifs, and big ideas into its own one-of-a-kind identity. Songs such as the unprecedented first single, “Like A Kennedy” or the haunting “Blank Slate” provide both commentary and catharsis by bridging the political with the personal, as Armbruster’s finely etched social commentaries ultimately give way to frank introspection. \n“The album really focuses on control,” says Armbruster. “It examines it on a broader societal level but also on a very personal level, like, how do I gain control over my own life and experiences? We turn on the news now and it’s like, what is happening? How am I supposed to go to the grocery store or think about paying my bills or whatever mundane thing I need to do?” \nJoywave first came together in 2010 to put live flesh on the bones of songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Armbruster’s original home recordings. A series of visionary mixtapes and EPs followed, as did Big Data’s RIAA gold certified 2013 single, “Dangerous (Feat. Joywave),” a #1 hit at Alternative radio as well as a top 10 multi-format smash. 2014’s HOW DO YOU FEEL? EP was fast followed by the band’s full-length debut album, HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? The album spawned a string of multi-format hits and 2016’s innovative remix collection, SWISH. The following year saw CONTENT make a top 10 debut on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” chart upon its arrival, powered by the Alternative radio favorites, “It’s A Trip” and “Doubt.” \nJoywave has proved just as prolific and popular on the road, performing countless headline dates, show-stealing sets at international festivals spanning Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bumbershoot, and the UK’s Reading/Leeds, and support runs with such artists as The Killers, Young the Giant, Foals, Walk the Moon, Bleachers, Metric, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Silversun Pickups and more. Indeed, the increased focus on live activity in turn fueled the POSSESSION sessions, the band’s increasingly complex interplay taking a bigger spotlight in the studio than ever before. \n“I think this album reflects our live show a lot more than the first two records did,” Armbruster says. “I still wrote all the songs but the process has become a lot more inclusive. The first record was really something that I wrote in my parents’ basement. The second record was also pretty closed, but now, with this new one, I got all the songs to a point and then really opened things up to the rest of the band. It’s kind of a big step for me actually, to say, Okay, I don’t have to micro-micromanage everything. Now I only have to micromanage. I’ve gone from nano-managing to micromanaging.” \nThough not quite finished, it is already abundantly clear POSSESSION will prove a milestone for Joywave, evinced by such extraordinary new tracks as the aforementioned “Like A Kennedy,” the band’s first-ever ballad and perhaps most startlingly original moment thus far. Wedding a strikingly transgressive lyric to a simple melody and tender vocals, the song looks back into history to confront our current polarization, desensitization, and information overload, culminating with a symphonic guitar solo seemingly pulled out of some lost FM broadcast from 1976. \n“It’s a media burnout song,” Armbruster says. “It’s anti-chaos. It’s encouraging people to zoom out. Unfortunately I think that everyone will fit it to a political narrative because that’s where society is at right now. It’s not really taking a stand – it’s more like, just stop all the crazy shit. We’re constantly told, this is what’s happening, what do you think about it? But I don’t know. I just want to be fat, old, and happy.” \n“Basically the violence just happens over and over and over again,” Armbruster says about the video for “Like A Kennedy.” “There are four or five assassinations throughout the video and each time that I’m shot nobody reacts. It’s like putting the Zapruder film into 2019, where nobody is surprised by the violence and no action is taken each time that it occurs. The violence is allowed to just continue and continue and continue. Obviously that is very relevant to where we’re at now. Every time there’s another mass shooting, all these people die, and you know, thoughts and prayers. And nothing changes. It’s amazing to me that we had a president be the victim of gun violence and still the legislative bodies refused to make any type of meaningful change.” \n“Obsession” looks to be another highlight of POSSESSION, its irresistible dance-pop expertly  “encapsulating the history of Joywave into one track,” says Armbruster. “I think that this new record is – hopefully – going to elevate the band and introduce us to a new audience so I thought it was important to catch people up in one song as to what the band has done up till now. It’s like the Cliff’s Notes version of where the band has been. I think it sums us up very well.” \nEven at this early stage, it is impossible to view POSSESSION as anything other than a giant leap forward for Joywave, a boldly ambitious work that pushes an already visionary band across ever level, from songcraft and band interaction to freedom of influence, and most of all, perspective. \n“One of the ideas on the record is being able to zoom out and have people back out of corners and back out of talking points,” says Daniel Armbruster. “I’m making a three dimensional line where people are able to zoom out enough to see what’s happening and be able to use rational thought. I’m not trying to go left or right – I’m trying to move forward. I’m trying to go up.” \n

SEP 10

RESCHEDULED: Mayday Parade
September 10th 7:30pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map) \nThe sixth studio album from Tallahassee-based rock band Mayday Parade, Sunnyland gets its title from an abandoned hospital where the band members used to sneak in to explore as teenagers. “The hospital shut down sometime in the mid-’80s but then it just stayed there for decades,” says lead vocalist Derek Sanders. “It was a super-creepy place—it was overgrown with vines, and still had some of the hospital beds and IV stands—but we have all these good memories of hanging out there when we were younger.” \nThe follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 album Black Lines, Sunnyland finds Mayday Parade both reflecting on the past and pushing toward the future. The band recorded the album with longtime producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, and also teamed up with Grammy nominated producer John Feldmann (blink-182, Panic! At the Disco) and Howard Benson (Of Mice & Men, My Chemical Romance) for the very first time. The result is an album built on impassioned vocals, sing-along choruses, and deeply heartfelt lyrics. \nFrom the album-opening “Never Sure”—a tortured love song driven by blistering riffs and pummeling drumbeats—Mayday Parade instill all of Sunnyland with unbridled energy. Whether they’re taking on a folk-infused ballad like “Always Leaving” or channeling brutal punk fury into tracks like “If I Were You,” the band sustains an undeniable intensity. While much of the album explores personal matters like loss and love (as on the stirringly romantic, piano-laced “Piece Of Your Heart”), songs such as “It’s Hard to Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts Of Lightning” emerge as an outward-looking burst of anger. “That song was written within months of Donald Trump being elected and came from feeling upset that something as horrible as that could happen,” says Sanders. “But even though there’s a lot of negativity on the song, there’s still a hopeful chorus, because I think we need to try to stay hopeful.” And to close out Sunnyland, Mayday Parade deliver the album’s stripped-back title track, a melancholy midtempo number that unfolds with graceful acoustic guitar work, delicate harmonies, and subtly detailed storytelling. \nSince making their debut with 2007’s A Lesson in Romantics, the band has sold over 1.1 million albums, steadily amassing a worldwide following. Through the years, their chemistry has only \ngotten more potent, with all five members now contributing to the songwriting process (and coming up with upwards of 80 songs in the writing sessions for Sunnyland). “When we started this band most of us were still teenagers,” notes Sanders. “We’ve obviously grown up and changed a whole lot since then, but through all that we’ve grown closer as friends and tighter as musicians. It’s amazing and incredible that we’re able to still do this, and we all definitely realize how lucky we are.” \nHaving gotten their start selling their CDs in the parking lot of Vans Warped Tour, Mayday Parade have now headlined the tour five times, and will play the main stage again this summer for the tour’s final run. For the band, each live show offers the chance to personally connect with the dedicated following they consider more like a family than a fanbase. And with the release of Sunnyland, Mayday Parade’s mission is to continue strengthening that connection through their uncompromising honesty and boundless emotion. “There’s a lot of sadness in these songs, but it’s always a good thing to get those feelings out,” says Sanders of Sunnyland. “So if there are people out there dealing with hard times, we hope our music can help them work through that, and come away feeling a little better about everything.” \n


October 1st 8:00pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map) \nLauded by The New York Times as “an alluringly flexible singer, fluent in classic country, blues and Southern rock, with a voice that moves easily from tender to tough,” Ashley McBryde’s GRAMMY-nominated Girl Going Nowhere (released March 30, 2018 on Atlantic Records/Warner Nashville) earned the Arkansas native critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, Variety and more with The Washington Post raving, “McBryde’s blue-collar storytelling and straightforward singing set her apart.” The seminal title track on the Jay Joyce-produced LP continues to propel McBryde’s career to great heights with recognition this year by the Academy of Country Music as New Female Artist of the Year as well as CMT’s Breakthrough Video of the Year award. McBryde will appear as a special guest in August on George Strait’s Strait to Vegas shows at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and as support to Miranda Lambert on her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour this fall. For tour dates and more information, visit or follow her on Facebook at, Instagram @ashleymcbryde and Twitter at @AshleyMcBryde. \n


Adelitas Way - Habit Tour
October 1st 8:00pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map) \n

OCT 18

October 18th 8:00pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map) \nOn September 7, Katie Crutchfield’s ever-shifting musical project Waxahatchee returns with the Great Thunder EP. Featuring a collection of songs written with now-dormant experimental recording group Great Thunder while Crutchfield was also writing the Waxahatchee albums Cerulean Salt and Ivy Tripp, the original recordings have mostly faded into obscurity. Unearthing and reimagining them with producer Brad Cook at Justin Vernon’s April Base studio in Wisconsin was a cathartic experience, she says. \nOn the heels of last year’s critically acclaimed Out in the Storm, Crutchfield found herself looking to take a sharp turn away from the more rock-oriented influences of her recent records towards her more folk and country roots. “I would say that it is a complete 180 from the last record: super stripped-down, quiet, and with me performing solo, it’s a throwback to how I started,” writes Crutchfield. “Overall, the EP is a warm, kind of vibey recording.” \nSome of the songs on Great Thunder, like “Chapel of Pines” and “Singer’s No Star,” stayed the same and will be recognizable to those intensely familiar with Crutchfield’s catalog to date, while closer “Takes So Much” was built back up on piano from the bones of the original version, surprising even the songwriter: “Until then, I didn’t realize how beautiful this song was.” As Crutchfield entered April Base to record, she became ill but opted to forge on, beautifully stretching her voice to its emotional limits. \n


The Nielsen Trust ft. Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick
December 5th 7:30pm - 11:59pm
Majestic, 115 King Street, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map)\n\n“Hey, have you heard about that rockin’ new family band, the Nielsen Trust?”\n“The Nelson Trust? You mean like Ozzie and Harriet? Ricky? They’re not what I would call rockin’.”\n“Rick, yes, but not Nelson, Nielsen. Rick Nielsen, y’know, the guy from Cheap Trick? He and two of his sons have formed a side band. It’s gonna be cool! Like the Griswolds on acid.”\n“Wait, doesn’t Cheap Trick tour all the time? And isn’t Daxx Nielsen their drummer? And doesn’t Miles Nielsen have a band of his own? And isn’t Miles’ wife Kelly a singer and songwriter as well? How will they find the time?”\nTrue, true, true and true. But that’s not enough to slow the hyper-musical Nielsen family. The Nielsen Trust, established 2019, connects the family’s generations – a sign of trust — for very special evenings of songs and stories from the uniquely colorful world of growing up Nielsen.\nRick promises “a Midwest musical legacy – memories, dreams and nightmares” and notes, ominously, “The Nielsens are not your warm, fuzzy and cuddly musical group. We’re not the American Osbournes.”\nOr, as Miles puts it, “a way to experience music and stories between a father and his family, an intimate look at the life and songs of a family that isn’t completely f#*ked up.”\nThe back story: Miles and Daxx started off playing together in Harmony Riley, a Midwest quintet which released albums in 1999 and 2002. Then Daxx went off to drum for surf legend Dick Dale, Brandi Carlile and others. He got the “you are needed” call from Cheap Trick in 2010.\nBig brother Miles played bass for Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons and then launched his solo career with the Rusted Hearts. His fourth album, Ohbahoy, has just been released, and that’s not counting the EP, Weep & Willow, he and his wife Kelly Steward issued in 2016. She has a new album, Tales and Tributes of the Deserving and Not So, as well. Rick, well, he’s been playing a hundred-plus Cheap Trick shows a year all over the world, while writing and recording non-stop.\nSo, with characteristic Midwest industry (and the encouragement of wife and mom Karen Nielsen), the four are testing family bonds by adding another musical project to their busy lives.\nActually, Daxx says, music has the power to intensify family ties. “Miles and I played in a band together for years and built an amazing chemistry. Rick and I have now played together for years and have also formed a great bond. When the three of us are all together it’s going to be incredible.”\nWith Miles out front as singer and storyteller, they’re working up lesser-known songs from Rick’s enormous Cheap Trick catalogue, adding some Miles and Kelly originals, choice covers and, who knows?, maybe writing some new tunes together. Asked for some titles, Miles says they’re thinking about such Trick tunes as “Can’t Hold On,” “Didn’t Know I Had It,” “Fan Club” and “On Top of the World.”\nThe goal, Miles says, is to play a dozen shows a year, accentuate the rock side (“dynamic and delicate”) more than he normally does and give the family legend a chance to play in a band that he doesn’t have to lead. Miles and Kelly will bring their three teenagers along to ensure that the binding of generations and the handing down of traditions continues for a long time to come. For the fans, the shows offer an intimate connection, an invitation to the Nielsen world, which may be rock star glamorous from the outside, but inside the checkerboard there’s a family just like yours and mine. Well, maybe not just like…\nRick once had the fretboard of a red Les Paul Jr. inlaid with the words “You know you like it.” That didn’t sound too trustworthy a sentiment. But this time, with the Nielsen Trust, you know he means it.\n\nTHE NIELSEN TRUST\n• Miles Nielsen – vocals / bass\n• Daxx Nielsen – drums / vocals\n• Rick Nielsen – guitar / vocals\n• Kelly Steward – vocals / guitar\n• Adam Plamann – keyboards / horns\n

DEC 13

December 13th 8:30pm - 11:59pm
High Noon Saloon, 701A East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI, 53703, United States(map) \n“I wanted to dig under the darkest impulses of humanity for this album, and that is violence, selfishness, and destruction,” says Benjamin Tod, guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter of Americana trio Lost Dog Street Band. The Muhlenberg County, Kentucky-based group’s latest album, its fifth overall, Weight Of A Trigger, out March 29th, is a potent distillation of its outlaw heartache soul. \nThe dark impulses Ben sings about are simply the demons that have driven him since he was a teen. At 16, Ben left home to play music on the streets. Since then, he’s lived under bridges, slept in jail cells, sought freedom hopping freight trains, battled addiction, and watched many good friends die from the same rambling disease. Some states, he remains a wanted man with active warrants. Though Ben has been aimless, and destructive, he’s always been prolific through exorcising his demons in song. Even if that meant writing songs at 7:00 AM in dank and dark basements strung out on drugs and drunk. \nHis companion in life and music, Ashley Mae, is an accomplished fiddle player and harmony singer. The pair met in the Nashville punk scene when Ben was 15, and Ashley was 17. They share in a tumultuous love affair that’s defied adventures, and misadventures. The couple formed Lost Dog Street Band in the winter of 2010. The duo’s vision was to carry on the tradition of the American troubadour with fine Americana songcraft and starkly real storytelling. Today, Ben and Ashley Mae are joined by bassist Jeff Loops of the beloved roots band, Deep Chatham. \nThe three-piece group’s latest, Weight Of A Trigger, is a portal into when Americana was peopled by sensitive outlaws who pleaded for salvation in song. The 10-song collection spans old-time music, Appalachian folk, redemptive country blues, and winsome balladry. Each song is elegantly essential, using teardrop pedal steel guitar, delicate fingerpicked passages, emotive harmony vocals, and stately violin touches as delicate dynamic touches. It’s an album of hard truths themed around a three-part narrative of Thomas Clancy Russell, and stories of fated love, addiction, tragic deaths, and rising demons. The poetic former collaborator Nicholas Ridout, a uniquely gifted musician who left before his time is always honored on their albums. His presence is made all the more poignant by Lost Street Dog performing his sweetly high lonesome song “Lazy Moonshiner.” \n

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