About Madison Music Guide

Madison Has an Awesome Music Scene, But Where Do You Start?

We were asking ourselves the same thing. So Madison Music Guide was born.

Madison Music Guide is your direct portal into the music community of artists, venues, studios, stores, services, and resources that are located in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin.

Our site is currently in an early beta stage, so we’re always looking for feedback, suggestions and other thoughts from everyone inside (and outside) the Madison music scene. We’d like to hear what you think. Just hit us up on our contact page and let us know what you think or what we can improve.


What’s to Come

We have a vision for the Madison Music Scene. We’re on a mission to establish a single organization that can represent the Madison music scene to the community, the state and the country.

We have a plan and a vision to represent, build, provide, educate, maintain, advocate, create, innovate, develop and grow our strong music industry.

Stay tuned…